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About Us

Careerin is a non-profit organization focused on supporting your career growth in the tech sector. Our community connects you with passionate tech talents and tech companies, providing an opportunity to share knowledge, receive feedback and keep up with the rapidly evolving industry.

Why You Should Join

For individuals looking to get started in tech, you will have opportunities to learn more about different companies with visions that align with your values, discuss side-projects, receive career insights from industry professionals, and network with peers sharing the same passion for tech. Through these opportunities, you’ll be best prepared for attaining a fulfilling position in the industry.
For Professionals, you will have opportunities to share your knowledge and experiences to contribute to the future of the tech-sector. There will also be numerous opportunities to network with other professionals, provide and receive feedback for your projects and those of others, discover companies that share your values, and develop a stronger connection with the dynamic industry.
For Companies, you will have a platform to promote your team’s mission, culture, and vision. There will be opportunities to engage with industry professionals and prospective employees to find individuals whose values align with yours. 
We believe in the power of growing together. We may come from different backgrounds and places around the world, but you’re certainly not alone in your journey. Join us and let’s thrive together!